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Vetiver Essential Oil

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Vetiver Essential Oil is used as a calming, grounding oil due to its earthy, musky aroma. When diffused, the oil has a cooling effect on the body and mind, popular with Aromatherapists, and blended with Citronella and Lemon to reduce the irritation of flies and insects landing on your skin on those hot summer days makes it a useful addition to your camping kit.

Vetiver Essential Oil – Vetiveria zizanoides – is a native grass common to Indonesia but also found growing in tropical and semi tropical regions.

The essential oil is steam distilled from the roots which gives it the unusual brown colour, presenting a deep, earthy aroma which can be quite intense if smelt for the first time.

Vetiver Essential Oil will definitely grow on you with its pungent aroma bringing strength and release of an pent up angry emotions. This attribute of Vetiver is often used as promoting a calming, grounding effect so popular in Aromatherapy for a relaxing massage releasing an earthy, musky aroma. And as a small contrast, when diffused, the oil can have a cooling effect on the body and mind.

This oil popular with essential oil ‘educators’ as sometimes promoted to help mothers with hyper-active children by suggesting that Vetiver Oil can help reduce their energies. There is ongoing research in this area to ensure the plant chemical properties do assist in this treatment. Like many essential oils on the market today, there is a lot being said about their ‘therapeutic’ benefits without consolidated research into their properties. We always advise you go to your experienced Aromatherapist for advice.

Vetiver Essential Oil has been used for many hundreds of years to promote wealth and opulence.

Another suggested use for Vetiver Oil can be blended with Citronella, Lemon and a carrier oil to reduce the irritation of flies and insects landing on your skin on those hot summer days. A useful addition to your camping kit.

Keep your Vetiver Essential Oil out of the reach of children and do not ingest the oil. Store below 30°. Seek medical advice for use if pregnant.

The main compounds in our Vetiver oil are: Alpha copaene, valerianol, Bulnesol, Guaiac acetate

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