Hot Stuff

When you’re talking about hot stuff, Aussies do know a thing or two. Sweltering heat waves, sand that burns the soles of your feet, and bushfires that rake across the country every year. Australia is famous for these things, but it’s the long and lazy summer days that inspire our appreciation for all things hot.

No Australian wants to spend summer inside, we are all enamoured of sun and all that she brings; long days at the beach are at the top of the list of weekend plans and backyards are bursting with blow up pools and amateur games of cricket. This summer heat sprawls around the festive season and during this time Aussies aren’t just spending more time outside but more money on seafood and gas for the barbie than any other time of the year. For more information visit:

One of the best things about all of these Aussie summer activities, is that we love to share them. Friends, family, the neighbour’s cousin. Everyone is invited over for a snag and a dip in the pool. That's why Home Made Simple are here to help you get ready for the parade of summer guests, BBQ working? Enough pool chairs? We’ve got you covered.

Too Much of a Good Thing

Speaking of being covered, it’s easy to get distracted by the fun of summer and later find yourself cringing and deep breathing as a loved one douses you in aloe vera fresh out of the fridge. No one plans to get sunburn, and everyone always seems surprised by it, then maybe embarrassed and sorry for themselves, but then everyone continues on with their day, bra straps loosened, ego slightly trampled. 

Everyone knows how it works, we've all seen Sid the Seagull, singing along with his sloppy lisp, “Slip, slop, slap, seek, & slide,” and as catchy as the song may be, we are all guilty of skipping the sunscreen or leaving the hat behind. But every year, Australia has two to three times the incidence of skin cancer than the UK or Canada. For more information visit: 

It’s even harder keeping hats and sunglasses on kids who just want to see how many times they can somersault into the pool off the awning of the car port. However, creating a family friendly outdoor space with heaps of shade and comfortable cool areas is easy. Take a quick browse through our Outdoor Range and you’ll find Swing Hammock Chairs with inbuilt umbrellas, Kids Umbrella & Table sets, and 3x3m Party Gazebos that can shade all the guests and their dogs too.

An outdoor space with lots of places to hide from the sun saves you from having to worry if the kids haven’t used enough sunscreen in the past hour. You also won’t have to retreat to the air conditioning at the hottest part of the day or go inside for a cool refreshment every twenty minutes. If your outdoor space has lights and citronella it means that the summer days don't need to end when the sun sets and you can enjoy the balmy evenings safe from the sun. Outdoor spaces filled with clever shade ideas and fun activities for those sunny days, means you and your family can fully appreciate the best hot stuff that Australia has, our summers, and our sun.

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